2018/2019 Editorial Calendar

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November 2018 10/4/18 10/11/18 2018 HCD EXPO & CONFERENCE ISSUE

Project Watch*

Product Gallery*
Supporting Population Health by Design; Art in Healthcare Lighting HCD Expo & Conference
December 2018 11/7/18 11/14/18 2018 HCD Expo & Conference Wrap-up

Remodel/Renovation Competition
The Lean Project Team; Designing Healthcare Food Service Seating
January 2019 12/3/18 12/10/18 BUYERS GUIDE* HCD Expo & Conference
February 2019 1/3/19 1/7/19 Nightingale Awards
Cardiac Center Design; Exterior Innovations Artwork Design Speaks Dallas
March 2019 1/28/19 2/4/19 Corporate Profiles* Disaster Preparedness/Resiliency; Collaboration Spaces Flooring ASHE PDC
April 2019 2/25/19 3/4/19 HCD Portfolio: Interior Design*

Special Report on Flooring Trends; Orthopedic Facilities Textiles Environments for Aging Expo & Conference

Design Speaks San Francisco
May 2019 3/26/19 4/8/19 Product Innovation Awards Interiors Insights; Parking 101 Furniture & Casegoods Neocon

June/July 2019 5/10/19 5/17/19 AD IMPACT STUDY Workplace Meets Healthcare; Operating Room Update Ceiling & Wall Systems AIA Conference

August 2019 6/29/19 7/8/19 HEALTHCARE DESIGN SHOWCASE

Thought Leader Q+As*
Pediatric Trends (Colors, Furniture, Themes, And More); Flexible Design & Building Solutions Surfaces (countertops, solid surface, paint, tile, wallcoverings, flooring, etc.) HCD Expo & Conference
September 8/2/19 8/9/19 The HCD 10 Winners What Women (Patients) Want; Using Lighting to Improve Experience Building Products (ceiling/wall systems, hardware, controls, doors, HVAC, sound masking, roofing, windows, etc.) HCD Forum
October 9/3/19 9/10/19 2019 HCD Expo & Conference Pre-show Issue

Rising Star Awards

HCD Portfolio: Mental Health*
Wayfinding Tactics: Supporting Signage with Graphics, Color, Artwork, and More Lighting
November 9/23/19 9/30/19 2019 HCD EXPO & CONFERENCE ISSUE

Project Watch*

Product Gallery*
Specialty Facility Roundup; Status of Sustainability Environmentally Conscious Flooring HCD Expo & Conference

December 11/5/19 11/14/19 2019 HCD Expo & Conference Wrap-up

Remodel/Renovation Competition
Construction Insights; Behavioral Health Update Seating
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